Our services

In order to help our clients to be more agile, we help them first  to sharpen their innovation capability and re-innovate their value propositions.

A three steps process:

  • Speeding up digitalisation and global go-to-market projects
  • Innovation in strategy and business development
  • Fostering collaboration as an essential part of the innovation process.

This is done by means of research-based innovation methods, assessments and measurements. These are based on the global innovation database, set up by Innovation 360 Group (one of the world leaders on Innovation development) and research in the innovation area.

Following the assessment process, we recommend a clear and detailed plan that will increase your innovation capability, profit and revenue.

Thanks to our deep knowledge of the human behaviour, we help strengthen the ability of teams to collaborate, and work as one collaborative unit. The development of the collaboration is based on our experience with many teams and organisations and through the NBA (Neurocognitive and Behavioural Approach) in which we are certified practitioners.

Our main areas of practice are business technology, marketing and sales, operations, organisation and strategy.

The sectors in which Innovation 360 Group has in-depth expertise, and from which we can benefit are Media, Technology, Telecoms, Energy, Offshoring, Recycling, Manufacturing, Fintech, Smart cities, Trading, Clothing, Furnitures, FMCG including e-Commerce and Luxury goods, Retail and Wholesale

How do we work concretely?

We start with an InnoSurvey , which is an innovation assessment
As explained in the enclosed document, the InnoSurvey™ innovation capability measurement, as presented in the footprint diagram, is based on a combination of an underlying innovation framework and a large innovation database. The innovation framework is defined by six strategic questions ( the 3 main ones are why, what & how to innovate) @ and furthermore, is based on decades of research and study of working practices, and is therefore a very powerful tool and foundation basis for the InnoSurvey™ .

The key outcomes of the survey are presented in the Innovation FootPrint Diagram. There are sixteen key aspects that are measured and benchmarked against your peers in a specific industry, geography or even just against the best in class innovators. When analysing the innovation footprint diagram, we highlight misalignments, and consider also the general strengths and weaknesses.

The InnoSurvey™ is used by accredited consultants as us and provides evidence-based and accurate data analysis, as well as initial hypothesis formulations based on input from the organisation as well as from its external stakeholders

Then we do recommendations, and the MVIS (Minimum Viable Innovation System) approach is one of the main recommendations we propose to start with.

The MVIS is an hypothesis based approach (see this article published by Agnes Sävenstedt from Innovation 360 Group), with which you learn by doing and have results after 90 days.

Having done this, there are 2 possibilities:
  • or you have enough input to continue innovating by your own
  • or you really want to develop an innovation culture in your organisation and we can help you to achieve that.